Kiwi Slang – A

a into gAbbreviation of “arse into gear”, meaning get going or moving; get a move on.
“Get you’re a into g and get back to work!” – “I need to get my a into g and finish this project”
adsAbbreviation of advertisements; adverts.
“I’ll make a cuppa during the ads” (“I’ll make a cup of tea/coffee while the advertisements are on”
afternoon tea1. An afternoon snack or light meal. 2. A short (10-15mins) break  from work in afternoon
1. “Let’s meet up for afternoon tea on Wednesday.” 2. “I’ll go to the bank at afternoon tea time.”
anklebiterA small child or toddler. A reference to the height or a child, especially a child who is crawling, being at approximately ankle height.
AotearoaThe Maori name for New Zealand. Usually translated as “land of the long white cloud”  (from aotea = cloud and roa = long).
arseButtocks, butt, rear end, hindquarters. Equivalent to American English “ass”.
“It’s better than a kick in the arse.”
arse end of nowhereA very remote place, or perhaps a small town.
“The place we visited was at the arse end of nowhere”
arse over titTo fall over, especially fall and roll. Same as “head over heels”.
“He slipped on the ice and went arse over tit.”
“We’ll be having a barbeque at Brian’s place on Saturday arvo.”
awesomeGreat, excellent, very good.
“We had an awesome time in Sydney.” – “James is an awesome cook!”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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