Kiwi Slang – F

faggedOnly in the negative such as “can’t be fagged” meaning “too tired”, “too lazy” or “can’t be bothered.” See fagged out.

I can’t be fagged going out tonight.”

fagged outExahausted. See also knackered.
“After all the work I was fagged out.”
fair goAn appeal for fairness or reasonableness in a situation. Fair Go is also an iconic New Zealand TV show that attempts to settle disputes and get a “fair go” for consumers.

We only had the vacuum cleaner a week before it broke. We want our money back. Come on, give us a fair go!”

fancyTo like someone.

I really fancy her, but I’m too shy to talk to her.”

fannyUnlike the American usage, where fanny refers to the buttocks, the Kiwi & British usage refers to the vulva.
fart sackA bed or sleeping bag.
feedA meal.

Hey bro, let’s go and get a feed of KFC.”

finger stallsThe back seats at the movie theatre, where teenagers take their girlfriends (with intentions other than watching the movie).
fitter and turnerA cook who fits food into pots and turns it into shit.
fizz boatA small power boat.
fizzy, fizzy drinkCarbonated beverages (soda pop) such as lemonade, cola, etc.
flannelA wash cloth, face cloth.
flashSensational or really fancy or good looking.

Dressed in the business suit he looked quite flash.”

flatApartment or rented house.
flat stick or flat tackFull speed. As fast as possible. See also full tit.

The car was going flat stick before it crashed.”

flatmate, flatty, flattieRoom mate. The people who share a flat together are flatmates.
“I went to the game with my flatties.”
flattingLiving in a flat.

When I go to University, I will be flatting.”

flick, flicksMovies. Movie theatre.

I watched a great flick in the weekend.”

Do you want to go to the flicks on Saturday night?”

flogTo steal.

He always flogs things when he visits.”

Can also be used between friends to mean “borrow”,

Can I flog your pen a minute, please?”

foilA tin foil package of marijuana.
footieA football game, specifically rugby union or rugby league.

“Are you going to watch the footie tonight?”

footpathPavement, sidewalk.
fortnightTwo consecutive weeks.

I get paid fortnightly.” Meaning “I get paid every two weeks.”

foxy, foxUsed to describe a cool or good looking person of either sex.
french letterA condom.
frenchieA condom.
fringeThe hair that partially covers the forehead of a person of either sex. Known in USA as “bangs”.
frock tartFrom the New Zealand TV/Film industry. A “frock tart” is someone who creates costumes. Apparently from a disclaimer at the end of an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess: “No frock tarts were killed during the production of this motion picture, however, many wished they had been.”
fuckwitOffensive. An idiot.

I hate that guy, he’s such a fuckwit.”

Can also be used less offensively between friends.

Hey, stop being such a fuckwit. You’re starting to piss me off.”

full titAs much power as possible. Very fast. See also flat stick or flat tack.

We were going full tit around the corner and the tyre blew out!”

fullyTotally. I agree.

I was fully impressed with those guys.”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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    I’m looking for for the common term a girl would call her father – in the US “Daddy”


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