Kiwi Slang – J

jack upTo organise something.

I’ll see what I can jack up.”

jandalsThe New Zealand word for thongs, flip-flops. Rubber sandals. The word jandal is actually a brand name, Jandal, and is believed to be derived from the words “Japanese Sandal” (zōri).
jerseyA sweater.
jokerA man.

I was speaking to this joker on the bus.”

A humourous person.

Sally is a real joker, always playing tricks on her workmates.”

judder barA speed bump.
jumperA woollen sweater, jersey.

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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    Gary November 20, 2012 at 10:02 pm |

    All good? You dont have all good in your list.. its as important as bro or mate… all g? :)


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