Kiwi Slang – K

kaiThe Maori word for food.

“That’s good kai!”

kick the bucketTo die.

“My uncle kicked the bucket and I’m going to his funeral on Tuesday.”

KiwiA flightless bird native to New Zealand, and considered a national symbol. Many New Zealander’s refer to themselves as Kiwis.

“Us Kiwis like playing sport.”

KiwifruitA brown furry skinned fruit popularised in New Zealand, but originally from China and known as a Chinese Gooseberry (Yang Tao). Marketed in New Zealand under the brand-name Zespri.
knackeredTo be very tired. Stuffed. Fagged out. Rooted. Broken. Worn out.

“I am knackered” (I’m exhausted)

“That car is knackered” (broken or worn out)

knickersWomen’s underwear.

“I bought a new pair for knickers the other day.”

knuckle sandwichA punch in the mouth.

“If you don’t leave me alone I’m going to give you a knuckle sandwich!”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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