Kiwi Slang – N

naffBad. Not good.

“That movie was really naff.”

naff offGo away. Get lost.

You’re so annoying, I wish you’d just naff off.”

nanna, nanaGrandmother. Granny. Female grandparent.

* Editor’s note: My grandmother preferred the spelling “nanna”, saying “nana” is pronounced like “banana”.

nappyA diaper.
narley, gnarleyCool. Good
nerdAn intellectual person. A boring person.
netballA sport that has some similarities to basketball. It is primarily played by women, although indoor netball often has mixed sex teams.
nick awayTo leave, often quickly and surreptitiously. See also nip away.

I’m going to nick away early from work today.”

niftyA thing that is good or cool.

Hey, that new gadget looks pretty nifty.”

nip away, nip outTo leave. Nip out generally often means temporarily. See also nick away.

I’m just going to nip out and buy a coffee.”

no worriesA phrase of agreement, similar to ok (okay), alright.

I can’t make it to your birthday party on Saturday night.”

No worries mate. Let’s catch up next week.”


Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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