Kiwi Slang – O

OE, the big OEOverseas Experience. A common rite of passage for many young Kiwis is to travel overseas (especially London and Europe) to live and work. This is often done after finishing university.

I’m off on my big OE in February.”

offsiderA work colleague or assistant. A friend.

We saw your offsider in town the other day.”

old bombAn old car.
oldies, oldsParents.

My oldies won’t let me go to the party tonight.”

on a highFeeling good about something.

He seems to be on a high at the moment. Maybe he’s in love!”

on to itTo be efficient or intelligent. To understand something. Sometimes used sarcastically.

You’re onto it mate.”

once in a blue moonSeldom. Almost never. Very rarely.

He buys me a drink once in a blue moon.”

open slatherA free-for-all.

If we let one person away with it, it’ll be open slather.”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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