Kiwi Slang – R

rack offGo away. Piss off.
raining cats & dogsRaining heavily.
randyHorny. Wanting sex.
raptTo be very pleased.

He was rapt with the new shoes.”

rark upTo give somebody a strong telling off. See also rev up.

The teacher gave Jimmy a rark up for always being late.”

rattle your dagsTo tell someone to hurry up or get a move on. Dags are the dried excrement hanging from the wool at the back of sheep. Rattling dags would be when sheep are running.

Come on, get a move on. Rattle your dags!”

rellie, relliesA relative. A relation.

Our rellies are coming to visit at Christmas time.”

rev upTo tell off. Also to tell someone to hurry along. See also rark up and rattle your dags.
ringTo phone somebody.

I’ll give you a ring tonight.”

rootTo have sex.

That guys tries to root every girl he meets.”

It is seldom, if ever, used to mean supporting a team, as it is in American English.

ropable, ropeableVery angry.

My Dad will be ropable when he finds out that I crashed his car.”

rough as gutsNot finished properly. Not completed to a high standard. Roughly finished.

The work of those builders is rough as guts.”

To treat someone or something poorly or roughly.

He’s as rough as guts when he plays rugby.”

rough rideA difficult or unpleasant experience.

Due to the economic collapse we’re in for a rough ride financially.”

rubberAn eraser. A condom.
rubbishTrash. Garbage.

You’re talking a load of rubbish.”

rust bucketA car that is developing a lot of rust.

My car is a rust bucket now!”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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