Kiwi Slang – S

‘supWhat’s up. Especially, “’sup bro.”
sandwich short of a picnicUsed to describe someone who is a simple, study, or a bit crazy. 

That guy is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.”

sarnieA sandwich.
savs and pavsSaveloys and pavlova. Traditional kiwi party food.
scarce as hen’s teeth.Very rare. Also rare as hen’s teeth.
scarfieA university student. Robert Sarkies co-wrote and directed a movie entitled ‘Scarfies’ centred around five University of Otago students.
scrogginTrail mix. A mixture of dried fruits, seeds, and nuts that provide high energy for trampers (hikers).
scullTo consume a drink quickly, usually in one go without pausing. Possibly derived from the Scandinavian word skål. 

He sculled two beers in a row!”

sealed roadA road covered in tar-seal.
servietteA table napkin made from absorbent paper or fabric.
shake hands with the unemployed.A reference to a man going to urinate, implying he is not having regular sex. 

Excuse me, I’m just going to shake hands with the unemployed.”

shandyA drink made with lemonade and beer.
shark and tatiesFish and chips.
sheilaA woman; a girl; a female. 

Is that sheila going to be at the party?”

she’ll be rightA common attitude, meaning everything will be fine, nothing is a problem.
shippieA prostitute working the ships docked at international ports.
shit a brickAn exclamation of surprise or annoyance.
shit showNo chance. 

He doesn’t have a shit show of winning”

shitheapAn utter mess.
shockingVery bad.
shoot throughTo leave suddenly. 

If my job ends I’m going to shoot through.”

shortsMovie trailers. The clips from up-coming movies.
shoutTo pay for your friends to do or have something, such as a drink or a meal 

Let’s go out for some drinks. It’s my shout.”

shuftiTo look at something. To take a look. 

“Take a shufti at this.”

sickieTo take time of work, telling your employer that you are sick when you are not. 

The weather was so nice that I pulled a sickie and went surfing.”

silly as a two bob watchSomeone who is silly, stupid, or acts that way.
skintBroke. Short of money. 

I can’t afford to go out. I’m completely skint until next pay day.”

skiteTo boast. 

She was skiting about the new dress that she bought.”


Someone who boasts or shows off. A showoff.

That guy is such a skite. Every time he gets something new we hear about it for the next week.”

smokoA work break or rest period. A coffee or tea break. It does not necessarily related to smoking cigarettes, although that is the origin of the word.
snarkyA mixture of sarcastic and nasty. 

She was in a real snarky mood this morning.”

snarlerA sausage.
snottySnooty. Ill-humoured. Packing a sad. 

When I asked him if he broke my cup he got all snotty about it.”

snowed underToo much work or very busy. 

I’m snowed under with all this work.”

sook, sookie, sookie babyCry baby. Wimp. A big softie. Can be applied to people and animals, such as an aggressive looking. 

Don’t be such a sook.”

sparkie / sparkyAn Electrician. See also chippy for a builder or carpenter.
spewTo throw up; vomit. 

On Friday I got so pissed that I spewed.”


To be angry or annoyed.

Mum will spew when she sees the mess I’ve made.”

spinnerTerm used to describe a someone who is a little flakey / stupid. An airhead. 

“She’s such aspinner!”.


Someone who lies, or tells unbelievable stories.

Don’t be such a spinner. I know that’s not true.”

spit the dummyTo throw a tantrum or get mad. 

He will spit the dummy when he finds out!”

sprogA child. 

We’re with sprog now.”

spudA potato. A spuddy in the nuddy is a peeled potato.
squizTo look at something. To take a look. 

Have a squiz at this.”

SteinieA bottle of Steinlager, a brand of lager beer. 

I’ll have a Steinie thanks.”

sticking plasterAn adhesive bandage. Band-Aid (brand). See also plaster.
sticks, sticksvilleRemote or rural area. The countryside. 

He lives way out in the sticks.”

stinge / stingySomeone who is not generous, especially with money. 

He’s so stingy.”

stirrerA trouble-maker. Agitator. 

Don’t be such a stirrer.”

stokedVery happy. Very excited. 

I’m stoked about finally getting a job!”

strapped for cashLow on cash. No money. Broke. 

I’m bringing my own lunches these days as I’m a bit strapped for cash.”

strewthAn exclamation of surprise or frustration.
strop offTo masturbate.
stroppyTo be in a bad mood, To be difficult to deal with. Belligerent. Ornery. 

He got in a real stroppy mood.”

stubby, stubbieA small bottle of beer.
StubbiesA brand of shorts that were popular in New Zealand in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.
stuffedTired. Exhausted. 

“I’m stuffed. I’ve been working all day.”



The motor is completely stuffed.”


An insult.

Get stuffed!”

suck the kumuraTo die or otherwise cease to exist. To be broken.
Sunday driverSomeone who drives very slowly.
sussTo figure out. 

“I’ve got it sussed”



That guy is pretty sus, eh?”

sweet-asCool. Awesome. 

His new car is sweet-as”

swotTo study hard, especially before an exam. 

I have to swot. I’ve got an exam tomorrow.”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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