English Lessons Christchurch

Are you living in, or visiting, Christchurch, New Zealand? Would you like improve your English language skills?

Private English Lessons

I offer private English lessons (ESL / ESOL) to individuals or small groups. I am an experienced English teacher and have taught people from:

  • Europe (Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Czech Republich)
  • South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Chile)
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • South East Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam).

English Language Help

I can help you with:

  • English pronunciation
  • Understanding the New Zealand accent and New Zealand slang
  • English grammar
  • English vocabulary
  • English writing skills
  • Preparation for IELTS
  • English lessons that suit your needs

Contact Graeme

To check availability, you can contact me using the contact form below:

English Teacher

Graeme Wilson (centre) with ESL English class in Ibarra, Ecuador.


Dear Graeme,

Many thanks to you for your kind help and your generosity of supporting me learning English! I will go back to China; my flight leaves Dunedin at 6:00pm tomorrow! I should have written this letter of farewell to you earlier, but I am in a hurry these days. I think your teaching is effective and efficient, and my English proficiency has definitely improved! I will happy can contact you later! I will welcome you and your family if you ever have the chance to visit China in the future.

Thank you again! And best wishes to you and your family!

Yabin (China)

* * *

Dear Sir / Madam

A cordial greeting

With this we write to you to certify that Mr. Graeme Wilson was our English teacher for 6 months with the intensity of 2 hours daily Monday through Friday, providing all the knowledge necessary for smooth communication and writing in the English language.

We attest to the above and thanks to the knowledge we acquired with Mr. Graeme we have been given many opportunities to lead a good life in New Zealand.


Luis & Luisa (Colombia)

Estimado Senor/Senora.

Un cordial saludo

Con la presente nos dirigimos a ustedes para certificarles que el senor Graeme Wilson fue nuestro profesor de ingles durante 6 meses con la intensidad de 2 horas diarias de lunes a viernes, brindandonos todos los conocimientos necesarios para tener fluida comunicacion y escritura de la lengua inglesa.

Damos fe de lo dicho anteriormente y gracias a los conocimientos que adquirimos con el senor Graeme se nos han dado muchas oportunidades para llevar una buena vida en Nueva Zelanda.


Luis & Luisa (Colombia)


ESL students

Graeme with ESL students Luisa and Luis



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