Literature Review Steps for English Learners

Ap English literature review refers to the account the published work by recognized intellectuals and researchers. When writing a literature review assignment for high school, you aim to deliver to the reader the knowledge and opinions you have gotten for a certain topic stating their weaknesses and strengths. As a way of writing, steps in literature review should be well-defined by guiding concepts such as research objectives, issues you are reviewing, and so on.

Apart from broadening your knowledge on a certain topic, writing English literature help you improve skills in the following two areas:

  1. Seeking of information

It can efficiently scan the English language literature review, using computerized techniques to recognize the most valuable books and articles.

  1. Critical evaluation

The literature review helps you gain the capability to use analysis principles to establish valid and impartial studies in English language literature review.

An English literature review should achieve the following aspects:

  • You should organize in a way that is directly related to the research question being worked on.
  • Identify an area that has controversy in the English language literature review.
  • Integrate outcomes into a summary of those items that are known and not known.
  • Literature review help to prepare questions that require further studies.

When doing a literature review for high school, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. What kind of English language literature review am I doing? Am I focusing on methodology issues, quantitative research, such as the efficiency of a new process, or qualitative research, such as studies of depression among workers?
  2. How do I estimate the scope related to my English language literature review process? Are there publications as an English literature review example to use? Are journals, books, or popular media? What area am I working on in my English literature review? Is it nursing?
  3. When doing an English literature review, what is my literature review’s specific research question help to define?
  4. How well did I seek the information required? Is my research enough to guarantee that I have discovered all the appropriate materials that are required? Are the sources used in my English language literature review appropriate to cover the paper length?
  5. Will the reader find out that my English language literature review is relevant, useful, and appropriate?
  6. Did I critically analyze the English language literature review I use? Did I follow the relevant steps in the literature review, for example, comparing different items in the way they are supposed to be? Do I add items instead of summarizing them?

Ask questions when you are choosing the book:

  1. How does the author structure and bring out his argument? Are you able to develop cause-effect relationships, especially when doing literature review assignments for high school?
  2. In what way does the book bring an understanding of the topic we are focusing on? Does it show an English literature example? In what way is it useful when practicing an English language literature review assignment? What are the strengths and limitations?
  3. How has the author formulated a problem or the issue at hand?


An English literature review is a piece that focuses a lot on discursive prose. It does not just do description and summary of literature after another. Do not begin every paragraph with the name of the research. It does not look good. Ensure that you organize the English language literature review into sections that present themes, including the relevant theories. Synthesize the information of the material publishes and evaluate it according to the concepts of the thesis.

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