Kiwi Slang – L

L&PLemon & Paeroa (L&P). A fizzy soda drink similar to lemonade, originally made with spring water from the town of Paeroa.
ladies a plateBring a plate of food to share. See also bring a plate.
laughing gearMouth. Generally used in relation to eating food.

Wrap your laughing gear around this.” (Made famous by Barry Crump in a 1987 TV advertisement.)

lemonadeFizzy, lemon flavoured soda. For example 7Up and Sprite.
liftAn elevator.
lolly, lolliesCandy. Sweets.
long dropAn outdoor toilet built over hole in ground. Dunny.
looToilet. Bathroom.

I’m going to the loo. Back in a minute.”

loose metalGravel on a road. See metal road.
lurgyA cold or flu. See also dreaded lurgy.

I can’t come to work today, I got the lurgy.”

Kiwi Slang Dictionary

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